How RainbowSmart keeps children sun safe

How RainbowSmart keeps children sun safe

Though British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, the summer holidays usually bring at least some sunshine and warm weather. In this week’s RainbowSmart story, Rainbow is visiting the seaside with their grandparents. They learn how they can stay safe when the temperatures start to rise.

At first, Rainbow is reluctant to wear a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, having never worn any of the items before. They quickly learn, however, that these things are vital in protecting us from the sun, which is more powerful than many children perhaps realise when they are first made aware of it.


We hope that with this story, children realise that these protective measures are not there to stop them from having fun. In fact, in allowing children to play in the sun, they do quite the opposite. We’re sure that no child wants to experience sunburn, so we hope that Rainbow’s trip to the seaside encourages them to take care in hot weather.


As far as the character Rainbow goes, their sun safety journey continues into other stories, such as ‘Rainbow’s Day Out’. The story involves a trip into the countryside with their grandparents, and as it is a warm day, they protect themselves with sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses.


Essentially, these two stories demonstrate the longevity of positive habits – even something as simple as protecting oneself from the sun. Nonetheless, this is something that encapsulates what the RainbowSmart world is all about – learning positive, helpful habits and maintaining them.


So as the sun starts to make its rare appearance in the UK or anywhere you happen to go on holiday during the summer holidays, remember that RainbowSmart is here to encourage children to be safe in the sun!


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